Ground rules - this is how it works for Guest Addresses

The foundation Vrienden op de Fiets facilitates contacts between Friends and Guest Addresses. We are in no other way party to the overnight stay. As mentioned elsewhere, Vrienden op de Fiets does have a handful of ground rules. We feel it’s important that you read these before you register as Guest Address.

A warm welcome

Friends appreciate a warm welcome. A cup of tea or coffee is always appreciated too, of course.
This brief meeting is also a good time to arrange practical matters.

Just to be sure, always ask for a valid Vrienden op de Fiets card and proof of identity.
Couples who live together, children living at home up to the age of 18 and (great) grandchildren can all stay overnight on one card. Friends who travel together, each need their own card.

It’s also handy, and sensible, to ask your guest(s) to pay in advance. Then that’s already settled.

What can a Friend expect?

  • A clean accommodation
  • Standard size, clean and good quality bed(s) with clean bed linen
  • A fire-safe* room, accessible via permanent stairs
  • A room with at least 1 window that can be opened
  • The possibility to use private or shared shower and toilet facilities
  • Clean towels
  • A place, preferably sheltered, to park bicycles
  • An energising breakfast

*In the Netherlands, a fire or smoke alarm is obligatory on every floor.

Prices* and payment

The price for an overnight stay is meant as a reimbursement of costs; Vrienden op de Fiets is not a commercial initiative. With every overnight stay, you contribute to a healthy, sustainable and personal way to travel that is accessible for all.

  • Friends pay 25 euro for an overnight stay, including breakfast.
  • For a child up to and including 12 years of age, you pay 14 euro.
  • If a Friend cancels within 24 hours of arrival, you can charge 12.50 euro cancellation costs per adult, and 7 euro per child.
  • Friends pay in cash or via an online payment request (like the Dutch 'Tikkie'), unless you agree to another method.

The prices are exclusive of tourist tax. In the Netherlands, this local tax differs by municipality. In the big cities, you may have to pay as much as 10 euro per person per night. Ask your municipality if you need to ask for a tourist tax and, if so, how much it amounts to.

* All prices for an overnight stay are fixed by the Foundation Vrienden op de Fiets. All prices are subject to change.

For Friends to get it right,
they stay for just one night


Would you like to offer a Friend something extra, for example, a packed lunch or the possibility to join you for dinner? Below target prices are meant to help you come to an agreement about rates:

  • Charging an e-bike: 0.50 euro
  • Packed lunch: 5 euro
  • Dinner: 10 euro

Friends notify you in advance

Friends never drop in unannounced. When Friends make a ‘booking’ (by telephone or by email, if you prefer), please ask for their Friend number, name and telephone number. Discuss the preferred arrival and departure times and any particulars like bringing kids or pets.

The foundation promotes a smoke-free stay. Do you or does your family smoke? Please inform Friends about this beforehand.

Are you a B&B and/or Airbnb as well?

Some guest addresses have a dual function. The hosts keep a space in their house for commercial purposes and for Vrienden op de Fiets as well. We have no objections against this combination as long as the Guest Address keeps to our ground rules, including the price fixed by us. That’s how we’ll all remain on good terms.

Friends travelling solo also deserve a place to stay

Vrienden op de Fiets was certainly not just created for sports enthusiasts who travel together. Single travellers also deserve a comfortable and affordable place to stay against the same price as any other Friend.

Every Friend is a Friend,
together or single.

Municipal and tax regulations

The foundation is not a party to agreements between Friends and Guest Addresses. You are yourself responsible for complying with things like municipal and tax regulations.

Will your data become public?

If you are logged in, under My profile you can list most special features of your Guest Address.. The details of your Guest Address and part of your profile can be published in the annual address guide, but only with your consent.

On our website, Friends can only access your details after they have logged in.
Please make sure your online profile is always up to date. In this profile, you can list much more information about your Guest Address than in the guide. You can, for instance, also indicate during which period you prefer not to receive Friends. This will prevent unnecessary phone calls from Friends asking about a place to stay.

The listing of your address in the address guide and on our site is free.

Only for Guest Addresses in the Netherlands
If you consent to this, your address will also be visible as Point of Interest (POI) on the Bicycle route planner of the Dutch Cyclists’ Union (Fietsersbond).

Foundation Vrienden op de Fiets will naturally treat private data with care and complies with the GDPR. How we handle your data can be read in our privacy statement.


Would you, as a Guest Address, like to know what you can expect from Friends? As for Guest Addresses, we have set some ground rules for Friends as well. Would you like to read them?

Ground rules for Friends


Guest Addresses seldom complain to us about less pleasant experiences with Friends that stayed with them. Nearly always there is a click, usually because the stopover is a meeting between like-minded people. Adventurers like sharing their stories and often have comparable interests. Friends are grateful for a place to stay overnight and like the unexpected. Not knowing in the morning who you will meet that evening. A surprise to enjoy every day. This is the basis of Vrienden op de Fiets, and we would very much like to keep it that way.

Thank you very much
for your hospitality!

Do you still have questions?

Please contact our Help Desk if, after reading all our information, you’d still like to know more. They sometimes know more than everything.

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Would you like to become a Guest Address?

That would be fantastic!
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Foundation Vrienden op de Fiets accepts no responsibility and liability for the quality of Guest Addresses, the conduct of Friends registered with the foundation, damage caused by guests at Guest Addresses; nor damage caused or suffered by guests en route or elsewhere, and neither for incomplete or incorrect information in the guide or on its website. Nothing in the (digital) Vrienden op de Fiets publications may be copied, reproduced or otherwise used for purposes other than intended, without prior explicit consent from Vrienden op de Fiets. All rights reserved.