Ground rules - this is how it works for Friends

The foundation Vrienden op Fiets (Friends on Bikes) facilitates contacts between Friends and Guest Addresses, but is not a party to the overnight stay. We do have a few grounds that we feel are important to read before becoming Friend.

What to expect as Friend?


  • stay at private Guest Addresses, that is: at people’s homes.
  • become part of their lives for one overnight stay and therefore respect their house rules.
  • may expect standard size, clean and good quality beds with clean bed linen.
  • sleep in a fire-safe room, which is accessible via permanent stairs and has a window.
  • can use private or shared shower and toilet facilities.
  • receive clean towels.
  • are not allowed to smoke at our Guest Addresses. Perhaps smoking is allowed outside, but only if your host agrees.
  • will receive a simple but energising breakfast in the morning.
  • will, on showing your Friend card, be able to stay overnight for the Vrienden op de Fiets price.
  • can, on your Friend card, take along the person you live with and also children up to 18 years old, who live at home, and your (great) grandchildren.
  • will each need your own Friend card if you are travelling with your friends.

Vrienden op de Fiets is for people who believe that friendship needs to be two-sided. Sporty people who enjoy making nice memories together.

What does a Guest Address expect from a Friend?

A real Friend...

  • selects a Guest Address and preferably checks on the site beforehand if the address is available on the desired date.
    This will save the guest address unnecessary phone calls or emails.
  • will arrive by bicycle or on foot. Or by canoe, row boat or skates, as long as you travel by using your own muscle power.
  • beforehand fixes the date of the overnight stay. Preferably not months in advance but, if possible, not on the day itself either.
  • does not arrive by car, of course, unless you agreed with your prospective Guest Address that it will be the starting point of a multiple-day trip.
  • stays for just one night.
  • arrives by the end of the afternoon and leaves on time again the next morning.

Contact and arrival

A real Friend…

  • always provides his/her Friend number, name and telephone number / e-mail address during the first contact; that’s handy when things don’t go according to plan.
  • discusses the preferred arrival and departure times and any particulars like bringing kids and/or pets.
  • shows his/her Friend card and proof of identity on arrival, even if the Guest Address does not ask for them. That creates trust between both parties.

Prices, payment and any extras

Friends pay 25 euro* for an overnight stay, including breakfast.
For children up to and including 12 years of age, you pay 14 euro per child
Cancellation within 24 hours before arrival: 12.50 euro

Lodging addresses may ask for a deposit of €12.50 per person.

You preferably pay for the overnight stay on arrival, in cash or via a payment request (for example via the Dutch Tikkie app).

The prices are exclusive of tourist tax. The amount of this government tax differs per municipality. In the big cities, you may have to pay as much as 10 euro tourist tax per person per night.

Some Guest Addresses offer extra services.
For these, we use the following target prices:
- Charging an e-bike: 0.50 euro
- Packed lunch: 5 euro
- Dinner: 10 euro

* To all prices fixed by Foundation Vrienden op de Fiets applies that they are subject to change.

Do you still have questions?

Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions. Chances are that you’ll find your question and its answer there.

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Would you like to join as Friend?

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Foundation Vrienden op de Fiets accepts no responsibility and liability for the quality of Guest Addresses, the conduct of Friends registered with the foundation, damage caused by guests at Guest Addresses; nor damage caused or suffered by guests en route or elsewhere, and neither for incomplete or incorrect information in the guide or on its website. Nothing in the (digital) Vrienden op de Fiets publications may be copied, reproduced or otherwise used for purposes other than intended, without prior explicit consent from Vrienden op de Fiets. All rights reserved.