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About the organisation

Familiar surroundings

A warm welcome, a made-up bed and a hardy breakfast – that is just what the doctor ordered after an exhilarating hike or bicycle tour in the fresh air. Thanks to Stichting Vrienden op de Fiets, you do not have to return home for this. The foundation offers a network of overnight addresses for sporting types who go on multiple-day trips. These addresses are often situated along splendid cycling and hiking routes in the Netherlands. You can set off anywhere in the country – and stay overnight and have breakfast in people’s homes for a bargain price.

Variety of Hosts

The lodging addresses are those of private persons who are offering one or more beds for the night. They are not commercial bed & breakfast establishments. Vrienden op de Fiets’ guest addresses vary considerably – from staying with a retired couple to staying with a young family; or from an overnight stay in a luxurious town house to a farm hut in the countryside.

Surprising Situations

The diversity of the guest addresses, the surprises you encounter and the various people you meet are part of the charm of staying overnight at Vrienden op de Fiets locations. Would you like to spend a night at one of these special overnight locations? You can become a Friend of Vrienden op de Fiets for just €8.00 a year (or € 10 if you live outside the Netherlands). As a member, you will receive the annual booklet listing all the guest addresses in the Netherlands and abroad. As of this writing, there are nearly 6,000 such addresses.

An Alternative for Log Cabins

Who will rent a bedroom to holidaymakers on a bicycle tour? This question was submitted to and published in the Arnhemse Koerier. The sender was Nel de Blécourt. She wanted to create an alternative for log cabins and thought that people over 50 might be interested in letting a bedroom for a modest price. She was right: more than 80 people responded to her appeal.

This was the start of Vrienden op de Fiets in 1984. With Nel and husband Hijbo at the helm, Vrienden op de Fiets became a household word. In nearly 30 years the foundation attracted tens of thousands of Friends and nearly 6,000 guest addresses in the Netherlands and abroad. In 2003, when the couple stopped working for the foundation, their children took over. Since 2011, a small team has carried out the work of the foundation under the leadership of an independent Executive Board.

In summary

You want to know more about Vrienden op de Fiets? Download some practical information pages here.

Hiking with Vrienden op de Fiets. Good for us, good for the environment.’

‘During the day a delightful journey into nature. In the evening a nice bed and then the next day early to rise.’

‘I really like the risk of unexpected events. It’s adventure!’

Paulien Eikhout-Donkers