What constitutes a complaint? What to expect from the foundation?

Vrienden op de Fiets is a non-profit organisation that wants to bring together sporty Friends and guest addresses. Friends and guest addresses are themselves responsible for making their stay a pleasant one. As long as everybody follows the agreed rules, little should go wrong.

Very occasionally, an overnight stay can fall short of the expected standards. Friends should always remember that a guest address is not a hotel. You are staying in a private home and things are perhaps not what you are used to. Guest addresses are private hosts and they are doing you a good turn.

Likewise, some Friends may not always behave as true friends. Guest addresses should try to realise that most Friends mean well, but sometimes fail to understand all the rules properly.

In all cases, we advise you to discuss the problem openly and on the spot, and try to solve it together. Just as you would among friends. Hopefully, the problem can be resolved easily and the stay will be a pleasant one after all. You can always refer to the foundation’s rules during such a discussion.

If you feel that the problem should be reported or that our rules have been flouted, then please contact the help desk. Your report will be registered and, depending on the gravity of the case, we will follow it up, often by giving both parties the right to be heard and possibly by issuing a warning. You should remember, however, that the foundation is not an arbitrator. It is often difficult for use to decide who is right or wrong. We were not present and sometimes get to hear conflicting stories. In case of a very serious and/or repeating problem, the foundation will decide to say goodbye to the guest address or Friend concerned.


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Welkom op de nieuwe site van Vrienden op de Fiets.

Are you a Friend already? When logging in onto the new website for the first time, you are asked to change your password.

This it how it works:

Log in with your old credentials : Friends number and postal code. In the next screen you first type your old password, your postal code.

Type your new password (min. of 8 characters) two times.. You are automatically logged in now and you will receive a confirmation by mail. Please contact our helpdesk if you need any assistance.