Vrienden op de Fiets beginnings in 1984

Who will rent a bedroom to cyclists on holiday? This was the add Nel de Blécourt placed in the Arnhemse Koerier, a local newspaper. She was looking for comfortable and affordable accommodations. In those days, these were pretty scarce: the choice was limited to an expensive hotel, a youth hostel or a tent at a camping.

From 80 to 6.000 addresses

It turned out that many more people were looking for the same thing. More than eighty people answered Nel’s add. They were willing to let a room against a small fee. This was the beginning of a small network of guest addresses for cyclists and the birth of Stichting Vrienden op de Fiets. Nel made the foundation to what it is today: a national and international network of places to stay for sports enthousiasts. Despite its growth, Vrienden op de Fiets has managed to maintain a small-scale feel, even now that we count more than 6.000 guest addresses and 95.000 Friends.

Nel de Blécourt knew what she was doing in 1984 and Vrienden op de Fiets has followed in her example during the more than thirty five years of its existence.

Nel de Blécourt expired in November 2016 at the age of 85. Stichting Vrienden op de Fiets upholds the ideal she espoused.


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