Corona virus: what to do? Click here.

The corona virus and Vrienden op de Fiets

Ordinarily, we would have declared  ‘The new season has begun’ but, as we all know, the situation in the Netherlands and the rest of the world has changed dramatically as a result of the coronavirus. These are uncertain times and we all have to decide per day, or even per week, what would be the sensible thing to do in the coming period. This applies to the Vrienden op de Fiets Foundation as well.

We are following the advice of the Dutch government and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). Clearly, we all have to do our bit to help contain the spread of the virus. We therefore advise you to exercise restraint in receiving guests or booking an overnight stay at a guest address.

Every direct contact – which is difficult to avoid when you stay at a guest address - could contribute to transmitting the virus and its spread. This would pose a higher risk to all of us and that surely cannot be the intention.

We would like to stress that guest addresses and Friends are entirely free to cancel reservations made and not to accept new reservations for the time being. To prevent disappointments, please be sure to let each other know in time!

Stringent measures apply until at least the end of April and they may be further extended. In the meantime: please take care of yourself and of each other.


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