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Thank you for opening your home to Friends.

Please fill out the entire form below. We will verify your data and when everything is in order, we will send you an email, confirming that your guest address is listed online. Did you register before the 1st of October, then your address will also be published in the next edition of the guest address booklet.

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Welkom op de nieuwe site van Vrienden op de Fiets.

Are you a Friend already? When logging in onto the new website for the first time, you are asked to change your password.

This it how it works:

Log in with your old credentials : Friends number and postal code. In the next screen you first type your old password, your postal code.

Type your new password (min. of 8 characters) two times.. You are automatically logged in now and you will receive a confirmation by mail. Please contact our helpdesk if you need any assistance.