A warm welcome to our Friends

A warm welcome to our Friends

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Please complete the below form to register with Vrienden op de Fiets. To help us keep Vrienden op de Fiets reasonably priced, we request our Dutch Friends to pay the annual contribution by direct debit. Friends who live outside the Netherlands can pay via online banking or PayPal. 

In the Netherlands, you will receive a confirmation of your membership and your Friends card within two weeks. In other countries, we have less control over the postal delivery, but you can log in via the website with your Friends number from the very first day.

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Dear Friends and guest addresses,

Behind the scenes we are working on a new IT system. It will go live at the end of this month. Therefore, the website will be closed from Wednesday March 24 to Tuesday March 31. From April 1st you are more than welcome and almost all services will be available again. In the meantime, we would like to refer you to the booklet and of course the helpdesk is available for questions.

After April 1, there are a few perks that you will probably have to wait for. For example, the notice board (‘Prikbord’) for finding a cycling or walking buddy is not immediately back. The gift membership that you may want to give to a good friend is also temporarily unavailable. We try to fix this as soon as possible.

Warning: please save your favorite guest addresses and the information and contacts of the Prikbord’. We are doing our best, but we may not be able to put this information back on the site. If all goes well, you will not notice the new system and you will soon be able to use the service you are used to again.

Thanks for your patience and a warm greeting,

Team Vrienden op de Fiets