How does the foundation fix the price for an overnight stay?

To arrive at a new price, the board and director carefully consider several factors.

Director Stefanie Gerwers explains

“We make an estimate of the costs for an overnight stay. In this, we include breakfast, laundry, a shower and any extra heating costs. The effort, hours, amortisation and mortgage payments are not included. We exclude these consciously because an overnight stay is, after all, meant as a good turn by the Guest Address.
We know that it is difficult to fix a cost price that feels right to everyone because every Guest Address is different. But by the end of 2022, our last careful estimate showed that it should be possible to provide a simple overnight stay and a nutritious breakfast for 25 euro. For single travellers too and, in most cases, in separate spaces like a garden house as well.”

Symbolic amount

“The last time we adjusted the price for an overnight stay was in 2019. At 22.50 euro, it amply covered the costs and we could therefore maintain the same price for several years. For many years, inflation barely played a role as it continued to average two percent. Until the end of 2022, most Guest Addresses only earned a small token amount from offering overnight stays.”

What is a suitable price for an overnight stay?

“It was new for us to, for the first time in years, have to deal with rapidly increasing prices. At present, no one can predict how the inflation will develop further. But we do, on the basis of the factors known to us, still need to establish a price that feels reasonable. Not too high; the price should suit the simple overnight stay promised by us. And certainly not too low; no Guest Address wants to have to add money to the costs of a Friend’s overnight stay. Besides, we’d also like to make sure that Guest Addresses continue to welcome Friends. Also Friends without a very fat wallet, who’ve recently had to witness the decrease of the freely disposable part of their income. So, we want a price that is exactly right for everyone. Not an easy puzzle to solve.”

“The price is and remains the same for everything and everybody.
Irrespective of the number of Friends or the offered luxury.”

Director Stefanie Gerwers

The basis and details of the pricing

“We use objective data to adjust for inflation. These we collect from Statistics Netherlands, the institution that publishes the official consumer price index (CPI) figures. These figures represent a ‘shopping basket’ for which the average of price increases and decreases is calculated of all products and services bought by an average household. That results in an annual price index that we use to calculate the current price for an overnight stay.”

The current price will be valid till the end of 2024

“Because nobody knew by the end of 2022 - or knows now - what the inflation will be the coming years, we have decided to maintain the present price of 25 euro for two years and not, as is usual, for four years.”

A round amount

“We do not use decimals, but opt for a round amount instead because that is easier to remember. We also do not intend to index the price every year, like companies do. We have therefore built in a margin that we hope will serve until at least the end of 2024. Thus we hope to avoid ambiguity and discussion.
It’s also worth noting that the price applies to everything and everyone, regardless of the number of people or the luxuries offered by the Guest Address. This way, Vrienden op de Fiets can remain the unique, idealistic initiative that helps to make a good time possible for so many people.”


“The price for children up to 12 years is derived from the full price for adults. In combination with an adult who pays the full price, this amount should prove to cover the costs too. The foundation hopes the reduced rate will make biking or hiking with children or grandchildren even more attractive. They are, after all, our Friends and Guest Addresses of the future!”