Frequently Asked Questions

Plan your trip and stay the night

  • Do you offer a route planner?

    Our Friends plan their biking or hiking tours themselves. We offer various sources of inspiration for trips on our homepage. After saving an address in your address book, you can use the button next to the GPS code to navigate to this address. As part of our service, you will be linked through from the guest address to the Dutch Bikers Federation (De Fietsersbond) route planner and the Dutch Hikers Net (Wandelnet) hike planner.

  • How long can I stay at a guest address?

    In general, you can make a reservation for one night. Please ask your host or hostess about the possibilities beforehand, if you would like to extend your stay when participating in, for example, a four-day biking or hiking event.


  • How do I find a guest address along my route?

    You can choose a destination or route via the tool 'find guest address' in the menu. The app shows all address results on an overview map. You can zoom in and find guest address details after logging in to our website. Please adjust your search for specific requirements like, for example, guest addresses that welcome dogs.

  • Can I import GPS codes for guest addresses?

    Once you have selected a guest address, you will also find the GPS coordinates there. These you can simply import into your route planner. It is also possible to make use of the Fietserbond and Wandelnet route planners we link to. We hope to be able to offer you all the GPS files of our guest addresses in the near future, for you to import into your route planner or Garmin. Currently, we are working towards a solution that complies with the safety and privacy stipulations we (and our guest addresses) require. As soon as there is any further news, we will let you know.

  • Is it easy to cancel a reservation?

    You can cancel your reservation up to 24 hours prior to arrival. To cancel, please contact your guest address. If you cancel later, a guest address may charge €9.50 per person per day, since they already made preparations for your visit.

    Please read more about the house rules for Friends here. 

  • Do Friends need to pay tourist tax?

    When tourist tax is required, your guest address adds it to the price of €19 for an overnight stay. The tax amount varies per municipality from € 0,50 - € € 3,50 per person per night.

  • Do I need to make reservations in advance?

    We advise you to contact a guest address well in advance to make sure that there is a place to stay for you. In addition, it is also nice to get to know each other a bit over the phone and discuss mutual expectations. You are of course free to arrive at an address without making prior arrangements. 

  • For whom is Vrienden op de Fiets?

    Friends are sports enthusiasts sports who, after a day in the fresh air, do not expect luxurious lodgings, but do appreciate the hospitality and warm welcome our guest addresses offer. A place where they can relax, spend a pleasant evening and continue their biking or hiking tour the next day after a hearty breakfast.

    Vrienden op de Fiets aims to offer all bikers and hikers the possibility to undertake multi-day trips. This does not include weekends for exploring cities, even if by foot or bike. Even so arriving at your guest adress by car of by train, is excluded, unless your host agrees beforehand that you can make their place the starting point of my biking or hiking trip.

  • What does an overnight stay cost?

    An overnight stay at a Vrienden op de Fiets guest address costs €19 per person per night, on condition that you can show a valid Friend card. A nice breakfast is included in this price. Sometimes, a tourist tax may be added to the price, which differs per municipality. The price per night for children under 13 is € 9,50. Read more about our house rules here. 

    Your Friend card is also digitally available. You can retrieve it by logging in with your Friend number and password.


  • This website does not work on my tablet, PC or phone. What should I do?

    The site of Vrienden op de Fiets is responsive for almost all (mobile) devices and browsers used. However, it may happen that the map does not appear, that loading the flags of guest addresses takes very long (and ultimately gives an error) or that logging continues without result. In these cases, we advise you to update your browser or switch to Chrome.

  • I have a complaint about a guest address.

    Did your experiences with your guestadress prove to be a disappointment or do you have serious complaints? The best way to solve problems is by finding a mutually acceptable solution. Has this failed? Call or mail our help desk.

    Read more about what to expect when staying with a Vrienden op de Fiets guest address here.

  • I prefer the online service, is it possible to refrain from receiving the booklet?

    The number of Friends preferring the online service of Vrienden op de Fiets, is growing. Smart enough, the website provides you with all necessary tools and information (and more), even when you are on your way.

    It's a pity when booklets are not used and thrown away. That's why - after the first year - you can choose to receive the booklet or not. Please adapt preferences in your online Profile, after logging in; remove the tick at the box 'I want to receive the booklet' before the 1st of December and we will not send you the booklet next year. Your membership will be continued, the annual contribution does not change.

    For every booklet we do not send, we will transfer 1 euro to an non profit organisation committed to a healthy natural environment. This year we choose Natuur en Milieu.

  • Can I take a look, even though I'm not a member?

    We can give you just a global overview of addresses for Friends. If you are not registered as Friend, you do not have access to specific information or locations of guest addresses. The specific address details can only be viewed by Friends with a valid membership. In the Netherland more than 5500 listed guest adresses can be found, often near famous hiking and biking trails. Register as Friend. 

  • Can my partner or friend come along on my card?

    Couples who live together, children up to the age of 18 who still live at home and (great) grandchildren may stay overnight on a single card. Friends who travel together each need to have their own card. 

  • What are your rules for communication : mail or email?

    In order to save the environment and keep cost as low as possible, the foundation sends a minimum of paper mail. Basically you will receive only email, up to 3 times a year. This digital messages contain only relevant information for you as a Friend and are non-commercial in nature. If you wish not to receive these messages, you can simply indicate this in your online profile. Note: you will receive-apart from the booklet-also no paper mail

  • Why a new website?

    Vrienden op de Fiets has introduced a new website in May 2017. Do you want to know why? Click hier. (explanation in Dutch).

  • When will I receive the booklet? What if I want to set out tomorrow?

    We will send the guest address booklet, Dutch roadmap and your card within 8 working days.

    If you would like to set out before receiving the parcel by mail, you can do as follows: instantly register as Friend online. Upon registration, you will receive an email with your Friend number. You can now log in to find a guest address. In Your Profile you can find the digital membership card. Print or show with your phone upon arrival.

  • What do I do when my card is lost?

    Logged in, you will find your digital card in 'My Profile'. Present your digital card on your mobile phone or tablet upon arrival (internet connection needed). If you prefer a plastic version, please send Stichting Vrienden op de Fiets a request for a new card. Don't forget to mention your Friend number and address details. You will receive a new card against payment of four euro.

Personal information

  • I moved house, my email address changed etc.

    It is easy to adjust your personal data yourself. Just log in and update your data.

  • Log-in problem?

    Only Friends with a valid membership have access to their personal page and our guest address details. Please check whether you are in possession of this year's card. Friends receive a Friend number. Guest addresses receive a registration number.

    Forgot your password? Apply for new login data via the login screen. You will receive a temporary password.

    Do you want to change this password? Please log in and choose 'change password' in your profile, copy the temporary password in the field 'old' and follow the procedure as described above.

    Please contact our help desk if the login problem persists. 

    NB: Are you registered as Friend before the 1st of May 2017? And are you trying to log in for the first time into this new website? 

    Then you are asked to change your password. This is how it works:

    1. Log in with your old credentials : Friends number and postal code.
    2. In the next screen you first type your old password, your postal code.
    3. Type your new password (min. of 8 characters) two times.
    4. You are automatically logged in now and you will receive a confirmation by mail.

    Please contact our help desk if the login problem persists. 

  • I would like to change my payment method.

    You can pay the annual contribution either by direct debit or via PayPal or credit card. To change your payment method, you simply log in to your account with your Friend number and password and select 'change' under 'payment method'. Please don't forget to save your changes.You will receive an email to confirm your changes. 

    You can do us a big favour by opting for payment by direct debit (for instance: SEPA Direct Debit). This is by far the easiest and cheapest way to pay. By doing us this favour, you can help us keep Vrienden op de Fiets accessible to all.


  • Can I pay online?

    Yes, you can pay online. Do not forget to mention your Friend number when paying online, otherwise Stichting Vrienden op de Fiets cannot trace your payment.

    A periodic authorization is, incidentally, by far the easiest and cheapest way to pay. It moreover helps to keep Vrienden op de Fiets accessible for all. You can give a periodic authorization by logging in to your account and opting for 'view/change payment details'. 

  • How secure are my personal data?

    Vrienden op de Fiets does not sell Friends' or hosts' personal data. Never and to no one. Your personal data are secured and encrypted, as shown by the icon of a lock next to the web address.


  • How do I gift a membership?

    Would you like to gift a Stichting Vrienden op de Fiets membership? It's easy.You can gift a membership for 8 euro per year or 10 euro for a gift membership registered to a foreign postal address. Only Friends can gift a membership, so you need to log in first.

  • How can I pay?

    You can pay your annual contribution in 3 ways:

    1. by direct debit. Only availabe for Friends with a Dutch IBAN.

    2. by 'acceptgirokaart'  enclosed with the booklet you receive (each year). 

    3. Friends outside the Netherlands receive a payment request enclosed with the booklet. You can pay by PayPal (using as a reference) or by regular e-banking on our  account number NL 91 TRIO 0197 98 97 56 (BIC TRIONL2U).

    Please always mention your personal Friend number, otherwise we cannot track your payment.

    Cash is not accepted.

    Costs for stay at guest adresses is paid directly to the host.

    Friend pay € 8 per calender year. Friends outside the Netherlands pay € 10.

  • How do I register as Friend?

    You can register as Friend here. A verification email will be sent to your address. Please make sure our email hasn't been redirected to your spam folder, in case you fail to receive our verification email. No verification email? Please contact our helpdesk.

  • How do I cancel my membership?

    Most foreign Friends have a membership that is valid for one year and that is not automatically renewed. This is contrary to the membership of Friends from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, who become Friend until they cancel their membership. Their membership is automatically renewed each calendar year, unless it is cancelled before the first of December of the current year. You can unsubscribe by logging in and opting for 'cancel membership' on your profile page. 

  • Why do I have to pay the full annual contribution, even when I register in September?

    The production and shipping costs for the guest address booklet are as high in September as they are earlier in the year. This is why you pay the full membership contribution, even for the last few months of the year.

For guest addresses

  • How do I end my registration as a guest address?

    You can end your listing as a guest address in your online profile. We appriciate you telling us why, so we can improve the service to our hostst and Friends. If you sign out before the 1st of October, your adress will not be published in the booklet of the coming year. Your details will be removed from the website instantly. We hope to see you again in the future!

  • Who is liable when my guest address incurs damages?

    Questions of damages are settled between the Friend concerned and the holder of the guest address. Stichting Vrienden op de Fiets accepts no liability for damages caused by guests.

  • I have a complaint about the behaviour of my guests.

    Did your experiences with your guests prove to be a disappointment or do you have serious complaints? The best way to solve problems is by finding a mutually acceptable solution. Has this failed? Call or mail our help desk.

    Read here more about what Friends and guest addresses may expect. 

  • Are guest addresses obliged to charge/pay tourist tax?

    Guest addresses may charge a tourist tax on top of the price of €19 for an overnight stay. Please check with the local authorities in your place of residence whether you are liable to pay tourist tax and how much you need to charge per person per night. Every municipality has its own rules.

  • Do I have to pay tax when I let my accommodation via Vrienden op de Fiets?

    Yes. Dutch and Belgian guest addresses owe income tax on the income from letting their accommodation. There is, however, a tax free threshold. Most people do not exceed the maximum threshold limits and therefore do not need to pay income tax. You do, however, need to report your income to the tax authorities. Please check which regulations apply to your particular situation. In general, a guest address is not considered an enterprise and therefore does not need to pay sales taxes.


  • Do I need a permit to rent out my rooms?

    The rules for renting out private accommodation differ per municipality and per country. We advise you to contact the municipality of your residence or domicile. There is a difference between Belgian and Dutch legislation in this regard. This information leaflet further explains the Vrienden op de Fiets approach (non-commercial, incidental overnight stays, 'commmunity') to help you clarify our approach for your municipality.

    Did you already register as guest address and only recently encounter changing regulations? You can find our information leaflet under ‘Useful documents’ upon logging in to your profile page.

  • Why can I only charge €19 per night?

    Vrienden op de Fiets is an idealistically motivated organisation. The price is meant as a reimbursement of the expenses of an overnight stay, not as a commercial price for letting your rooms. You can charge €9.50 for children up to and including 12 years of age.

  • The website does not show the updated details of my guest address.

    Information on this website is refreshed every hour. Therefore it is possible that updated details don't show immediately. If the problem persists (after 24 hours), please contact our helpdesk.

  • Will I be charged for listing my guest address on the website?

    No. We appreciate your hospitality and the listing of your address in the booklet and on the website is free.

If you did not find an answer here, please contact us via


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Welkom op de nieuwe site van Vrienden op de Fiets.

Are you a Friend already? When logging in onto the new website for the first time, you are asked to change your password.

This it how it works:

Log in with your old credentials : Friends number and postal code. In the next screen you first type your old password, your postal code.

Type your new password (min. of 8 characters) two times.. You are automatically logged in now and you will receive a confirmation by mail. Please contact our helpdesk if you need any assistance.