Liability and insurances

Should I take out a (supplementary) insurance policy in case of damage to goods or persons?

Friends may have an accident while staying at a guest address. They might unintentionally damage something at the guest address or drop and break something. Conversely, it is possible that a Friend has an accident at a guest address, for instance because of an unstable handrail on the stairs. Who will pay for the damage in such cases?

Vrienden op de Fiets does not accept any liability for the damage suffered. Damage issues must be settled between Friend and guest address. A private liability insurance and/or a good travel insurance may cover the costs. Since every insurance policy has different provisions, you should check your policies before you register as a guest address or become a Friend.

In general, the following applies:

A Friend suffers damage at a guest address
Something in the host's house may cause a Friend to have an accident or it may cause damage to his/her things. The damage is usually covered by the liability insurance, unless the guest room is not part of the house or if the host does not actually reside there.

A guest address suffers damage because of a Friend
Since Friends pay a (small) contribution for an overnight stay, a private liability insurance will usually not recompense the costs if they cause damage at a guest address. An exception to this is damage caused by a fire one could be held liable for. Another possibility is to check whether the travel insurance will cover the costs of damage caused to the guest address. We recommend Friends taking out a good (annual multi-trip) travel insurance policy.The maximum amount of the damages depends on the insurance chosen, but it is better not to count on more than a few hundred euros.


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