Do you have a complaint?

Vrienden op de Fiets is a not-for-profit organisation committed to bringing together sporty Friends and Guest Addresses, who are themselves responsible for making the overnight stay a pleasant one. This is based on mutual trust and respect. But sometimes things don’t run so smoothly...

As few rules as possible

Vrienden op de Fiets trusts that Friends and Guest Addresses will do their best to make their encounter a success. This means that we do not batten down an overnight stay with rules. Even so, we do have a handful of fundamental rules for both Friends and Guest Addresses. If everybody complies with the Ground rules for Friends and the Ground rules for Guest Addresses, then very little can go wrong.

Even so…

It might still happen that an overnight stay does not fully meet your expectations. Friends should always keep in mind that a Guest Address is not a hotel. You stay at people’s homes, which may be a bit different then what you’re used to. Besides which, Guest Addresses are private persons who are doing you a good turn. In their homes, their rules apply first and foremost.

Likewise, some Friends may not always entirely behave as true friends. Guest Addresses should always keep in mind that such Friends do not necessarily act out of bad faith, but simply have not understood the ground rules very well.


In all cases, we advise you to immediately discuss the problem openly and try to solve it together. Don’t postpone it, but discuss the matter as quickly as possible and remain friendly. Just as you would among friends.
Often, the problem turns out to be a misunderstanding. By discussing the matter, the problem can most likely be easily solved and the overnight stay can still be a pleasant one. The foundation’s ground rules can help in achieving this positive outcome.

Do report misuse

If you feel a problem does need to be reported or is an instance of real misuse, then please contact the Help Desk. Your report will be registered and, depending on its seriousness, we will act. We usually give the Guest Address the option of a rebuttal, and may issue a warning. In such instances, it is good to know that the foundation cannot act as a referee. We are generally not in a position to judge because we did not witness the misuse. Besides, we sometimes get to hear contradictory stories.

Yet, it is important to report real misuse. If the complaint is very serious and/or we receive the same complaint often, than the foundation will part ways with the Guest Address or Friend concerned.