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For Friends

Bargain Rates

Before you are eligible to stay at an overnight guest address, you have to become a member of Stichting Vrienden op de Fiets. The annual membership fee is €8.00 (€ 10.00 when living abroad). You will receive a personal member card, a booklet with nearly 6,000 guest addresses in the Netherlands and abroad, along with a detailed bicycle map. With this in hand, you can start searching for overnight addresses along your cycling or hiking route. Also, you can use your Friend number to log in on this website to change details in your status, check the online map or find the latest information about guest addresses.

In principle, you can only make a reservation for one night. If you wish to reserve for more than one night, for example, if you are taking part in a four-day walking event, you should confer with your guest host or hostess. Make timely reservations. The cost of bed and breakfast is €19.00 per person per night. Children up to 12 years old pay  € 9,50 per child, per night.

For € 8.00/€ 10.00 you can be a member with the following benefits:

  • A membership card that provides low rates for overnight stays at guest addresses.
  • A booklet with nearly 6,000 guest addresses in the Netherlands and abroad.
  • A detailed cycling map showing the national cycling routes and overnight addresses.
  • Partner discounts, for example, a reduced rate for the Bicycle and Walking Tour Fair and use of the mobile bicycle service of FietsNED.


Surprising Situations

You can enjoy the surprise of who opens the door of your guest address. It might be a retired couple that will pamper you to no end; the next time, a single woman who prepares a hardy breakfast for you. Don’t expect a four-star accommodation; just a comfortable, clean bed. Who knows? You might just find your guest address so much fun that you become life-long friends.

Make Someone Happy

Give a membership of Stichting Vrienden op de Fiets as a gift? Easy. Login with your Friends number and fill out the details of the receiver of the gift. You will then receive a package at your home address with a guest address guide and a personal Friends card in the name of the recipient. Contrary to the regular membership, the gift membership will expire automatically at the end of the year.

The rules

Although Stichting Vrienden op de Fiets is a large organisation, it operates much like a family. As a result, it has certain rules that everyone follows – for example, for reservations, prices, overnight stays, payment and transport.

The overnight addresses are private addresses that offer one or more beds. They are not commercial bed & breakfast establishments.

Make timely reservations. When reserving an accommodation, always mention your Friend’s number and address details. You should agree on the desired arrival and departure times, along with any special requests involving pets or children.

Guest addresses charge the following prices:

  • Bed and breakfast: €19.00 per person, per night (excluding tourist tax).
  • The tourist tax varies per municipality, but is usually between €0.50 and €2.00.
  • Lunch packet (optional): maximum €5.00 per person.
  • Hot meal (optional): maximum €9.00.
  • Maximum of € 9.50 per person, per day reserved if canceled less than 24 hours before arrival.
  • Charging an electric bicycle: €0.50.

Prices can change.

Overnight Stays
On arrival, show your Friend’s card with proof of identity. Couples who live together, children who live at home up to the age of 18 years and (great) grandchildren may stay overnight on a single card.

A guest address offers donors the following services:

  • A clean accommodation;
  • Made-up beds of good quality and normal dimensions;
  • A fire-safe room, accessible by permanent stairs;
  • Windows that open;
  • Use of a shower and toilet, private or shared with other family members;
  • A lockable, preferably covered bicycle shed.
  • Breakfast.

In principle, you can only make a reservation for one night. If you wish to reserve for more than one night, for example, if you are taking part in a four-day bicycle or walking event, you should confer with your host or hostess.

As a member of Stichting Vrienden op de Fiets, you will receive the booklet with guest addresses within eight working days. A request for payment of the annual contribution will be included. If you pay this amount through the Internet banking system or online, always mention your membership number. Otherwise, Stichting Vrienden op de Fiets will not be able to trace your payment. Cash payment of the annual membership fee cannot be accepted. You should pay the cost of an overnight stay at your guest address.

Overnight stays via Vrienden op de Fiets are only possible when linked to a bicycle or walking tour or otherwise to tours that do not require motorised transport.


Questions from Friends

You will find the answers to frequently asked questions here. If, after reading this information, your question remains unanswered, you should contact us.

If I register today – because I want to go cycling tomorrow – will I receive the guest-address booklet on time?
You can register online directly. You will then receive an e-mail confirmation with your Friends number. You can then log in at the map and locate a guest address.

What should I do if I lose my card?
Send Stichting Vrienden op de Fiets a request for a new membership card. You will receive a new card after payment of €4.00.

Why do I have to pay for a whole year when I register in September?
The costs of production and shipping of the guest-address booklet are as high in September as in January. That is why you must pay the full amount.

May I pay by direct debit, Paypal or credit card?
Yes. To do so, use the information on the payment request that comes with the booklet. When paying online, always mention your personal Friends number; otherwise, Stichting Vrienden op de Fiets will not be able to trace your payment.

I am missing pages in the section of France (booklet 2017). What can I do?

You are suggested to plan your trip online. You can also download the complete section and print : Frankrijk.

Hiking with Vrienden op de Fiets. Good for us, good for the environment.’

‘During the day a delightful journey into nature. In the evening a nice bed and then the next day early to rise.’

‘I really like the risk of unexpected events. It’s adventure!’

Paulien Eikhout-Donkers